Commercial Snow Management Services

Legacy Lawns is now your go to Snow Management company, expanding our commitment to excellence from green lawns to winter whites. Specializing in commercial snow management, we cater to the unique needs of our commercial clients. Our proactive approach includes pre-treatment services to prevent accumulation, comprehensive snow plowing for parking lots, sidewalk clearing, and post-treatment to deter ice formation. Trust Legacy Lawns to maintain a safe, accessible environment for your customers and employees.

Pre-Treatment Services

Application of advanced anti-icing agents before a snowfall event to hinder snow and ice from bonding to the pavement, ensuring easier removal and safer surfaces for your patrons and vehicles.


Commercial Snow Plowing

Utilizing our snow plows, we provide prompt and efficient snow removal from large parking areas, ensuring your business operations continue without interruption.


Sidewalk Snow Clearing

Ensuring every path to your business is clear and safe, our teams meticulously remove snow from sidewalks and entryways, upholding your reputation and customer accessibility.


Post-Clearing Treatments

After initial clearing services, we apply eco-friendly solutions to prevent the formation of slick spots and new accumulations, keeping your commercial spaces consistently safe and walkable.


Legacy Lawns is the premier choice for snow management in Cass, Jackson, and Johnson Counties, where commercial businesses cannot afford to let winter weather disrupt their operations. Our timely and efficient snow removal, combined with a proactive pre-treatments helps to ensures that your business will be safe and accessible throughout the winter season.

By choosing Legacy Lawns, you're partnering with a trusted local expert who values your company's image and operational needs. We offer swift, thorough, snow management solutions that get the job done.

Service Review Image

Stephanie Campbell

Legacy Lawns has been a lifesaver. They come out super early, clearing all the snow before we even open. Our customers have a clear path from the get-go, and we never have to worry about the mess winter brings. Totally reliable and worth it!